Monday, November 7, 2011


If you wonder what's the numbers in the title mean, they're the size of the student bodies of the four high school I've attended. My first high school in China has approximately 500 kids per grade. During my year being an exchange student, the school has about 400 students. Maumee Valley has nearly 200 kids in the upper school. Finally, the Academy of Charlemont has approximately 90 students in the high school and they combined their middle school and high school together which made the student body a total of 120 kids.

Monday was my first day of school. Without taking a shower (I know you're most likely disgusted but I really wasn't brave enough to take a cold shower with no heat in a 20 degrees morning,) I got dressed and quickly put up some make-ups. Fresh cooked scrambled eggs and coffee were waiting downstairs on the table. Although we had to eat in the dark and cold, a hot breakfast just made the whole morning much better.

Ronnie drove Arcadia and I to the bus stop at around 6:45. We live about one hour and 10 min from the school so that was the the first bus stop in the morning. The bus was much larger than any of the school buses I've ever been on. The seats were much wider. More interestingly, there were almost no rules on the bus. Kids were allowed to eat and drink. Some were sitting on the aisle while some were walking back and forth to talk to their friends. (I remember my bus driver would yell at the kids if their feet are on the aisle or they're talking too loud)

Bus is definitely the best place to hang out with your friends because everybody takes the bus no matter you're a 7th grader or a senior. 

As you may already figured, I napped through the whole way. We finally arrived at school at 7:55. 

In the morning, students gathered together in the dinning room for a morning assembly. Like I've mentioned before, it's a very small school so the assembly was for both high school and middle school. It's basically the same thing as our assembly before lunch in the K-center. Teachers took attendance and students made announcements. One unique thing was, they ended their assembly by a quote provided by a student each day. 

First class started at 8:20. I went to guidance counselor to get my schedule:

Monday: Senior Humanity (Period 1&2), Calculus 2, Lunch, Physics 2, Free, Environmental Science.
Tuesday: Senior Humanity, Studio Block (Period 2&3), Lunch, Art, Latin 1, Free
(As you may notice in my update board, I intern at a restaurant from Wed-Fri)

I'll talk about some unique things about this school in another post.

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