Thursday, November 10, 2011

All about food

Yesterday, when I was at the Local Burgers I saw a Japanese restaurant across the street. So I decided to have my lunch there today. It was a small but cozy restaurant. There were two floors: the upper floor had regular tables and the lower floor had a sushi bar and since I was by myself I took a seat at the bar. 

Sushi bar

The have a huge collection on chopsticks. 

They have the steepest stairs I've ever seen.

The second floor.

This was possibly the most amazing Japanese restaurant I've ever been to here in the United States: it had hundreds of different choices for sushi and noodles and tea as well. It was kind of expensive so I only ordered one dish: Dragon Roll.

I got another frozen yogurt today! As a promised. 

It was so tasty! There're no words in the world can describe how delicious they were. 

After I finished my lunch there, I started to head home. It was raining a little at that time. When I walked pass by Urban Outfitter, one of my favorite stores, I went in to check out their sale and I was actually hoping the rain would stop in a little while. 

I took this one couple days ago so that's why it looks sunny.
But, isn't it gorgeous? When I didn't notice the 'urban outfitter' on the top, I almost thought it was an museum or church. 

So I bought some socks and tights. I was actually looking for some dresses that I can wear for this weekend but the ones I liked were all over $100 which I couldn't really afford. (Poor Kalina...)
*We're going away for a big birthday party for Arcadia's cousin this weekend but I didn't bring enough formal dresses with me.

Unfortunately, when I finshed shopping, it rained even harder. So I literally walked in the pouring rain for half an hour to get home. Imagine yourself taking a shower with your clothes on, that's what I looked like after I got home.

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