Monday, November 7, 2011

College Visiting Day!

Day-light saving day! I got an extra hour of sleeping, which totally made my day.

We decided to visit Babson and Wellesley College at Wellesley outside of Boston. It's a two-hour driving. Since I applied Early Decision to Babson college, Ronnie thought that today was a very good time to visit it. In order to get back before 6 for dinner, we decided to leave here at 11:30. 

We stopped  by a dockin' donuts at a rest stop on the high way to get coffee and some snacks. When the girl at the window asked me if I wanted black coffee or with milk and sugar, the conversation we had at dinner couple days ago suddenly popped out of my mind. It was all about how intelligent and successful people only drink black coffee according to some surveys. As a result, I decided to order black iced coffee for myself. However, I found that it was really not something that I could handle. I gave up after finishing one third of the cup. Maybe I'm just not smart enough to have black coffee....who knows?

We finally arrived at Wellesley at around 1:30. It actually took us a while to go inside of the college because most of the gates were closed except the main one.

We drove around the campus. It was very quiet and seemed very empty. I wondered if people were all shopping at downtown Boston. To be honest, it's actually a huge campus according to the size of its student body. I have to admit, this is one of the most gorgeous college I've ever visited.

According to both Ronnie's and my experience, the campus center was most likely the place I should start. There were a few students there in the coffee shop. I asked the girl at the front desk if I could get a map or any information package. She told me that only admission office had the stuff I wanted however, unfortunately, it was closed on weekends.

With a little disappointment, I decided to walk around the campus by myself. There weren't too many things going on in the campus. I figured that all students that were on campus were mainly at two locations: soccer field for American students and library for Asian students.  It really wasn't just a stereotype, I witnessed it all.

Share some pictures with all of ya' (I admit, it was a beautiful day!)

This is one of the most symbolic buildings of Babson. I can hardly describe it in words of how I felt when I was walking on that street.

Soccer Game

Library. Very unique.

One of the residential halls for the upperclassmen.

Swimming pool! My favourite place.

I'm positive this is one of the residential halls. Can you see the little back porch? Isn't it just amazing?

I sneaked into one of the classrooms.

The Commons.

Admission building

I spent approximately an hour and half at Babson College. Since we were already there, Ronnie suggested that we could drive through Wellesley College really quick. It was about 1mile from Babson. 

Personally, I think this lake is the best part of the entire college.


Can this college be more gorgeous?

We finally started to head back to Northampton at around 4:30. We stopped by a rest stop to grab a quick snack since we somehow just skipped lunch. 

I napped through the whole way home as I've always done. We went to a small but very nice French restaurant for dinner. It had a very romantic atmosphere: candles on the tables, a guy was playing guitar at a corner. As I was wondering why they decided to come here for dinner, my host dad informed me that Monday is Ronnie's birthday! How exciting that I got to celebrate one of the most important days of this family with them.

Tomorrow I'm going back to school again! I'm very looking forward to it, except the fact that I have to get up early. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we only have to go to school two days per week? Haha. Who knows?


  1. Oh my that college is so beautiful!

  2. Hi Kalina!
    Wow, you have had quite a wonderful visit in Northhampton, MA with the Rom-Frank family.
    I was in Florida and Washington, DC while you were traveling without power and freezing to death. Who knew what excitement was in store for you?
    I love you pictures of Babson, Wellesley and Smith. I am so glad you were able to see these amazing colleges. They are top tier schools and it makes me happy that you made this choice.
    Your trick/treat night looked like so much fun--I hope you have at least one picture of yourself that someone else can give you. Your friends look like really terrific kids! I'm sure they feel lucky that they have you with them as well!
    Bad weather brings people together and your dinner together will be a good memory! Pluse sleeping in two pairs of pajamas under 8 blankets!
    Have you done any work at the restaurant?
    I'm sure that you like Sabine, she is a very kind person!
    All sounds like it is going great!
    Enjoy every minute! I'll check in in a few days!