Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy Day!

Today is Wednesday=I work at the restaurant=Happy day!

I planned on having a very nice breakfast today since I was supposed to have plenty of time in the morning. However, I woke up a little late so I didn't make it. Instead, I grabbed an apple and ate it on my way walking to the restaurant. 

I got to there at around 10:30 (pretty on time.) I was wearing a plain black dress with leggings and black ankle boots. Everybody has told me that I looked cute today which made me really happy
Note: It was actually not that cute but compare to what I was wearing last week, this dress was so much better. We're all required to wear black. But I didn't bring any formal black clothes with me except a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants. So you can see why now.

I basically did the same thing I was trained last week. Ali gave me the daily special menu and I wrote down some highlights on the blackboard to attract customers. 

the black board is placed at the entrance.

This is Ali!

This is my work. Haha, not perfect but I'm working on it :D

After this was done, I started to lay out all the silverware on the table. It was an fairly easy job, however, it required a lot of patience and carefulness. They have rules for all kinds of things such as how the napkins should be placed. The hostess told me that details are all that matters to a successful restaurant. 

It was Ali's birthday today. She's turning 25 today! I was actually shocked when I heard that because she seemed to be so experienced and skillful which caused me to assume that she has been doing this for a pretty long time. I wondered if I'm going to be as mature and perfect as her when I'm  25. 

Compare to last week, today was a very busy day. As usual, I welcomed people and arranged their seats according to my very limited observation and experience. However, within 30 min the restaurant was open, the seats were almost full. Ali had to stop me and take over everything because the situation was just getting worse and worse. We kept getting big groups (5 or 6 people) therefore made it even harder for us to arrange. 

I made a lot of mistakes today as I always did. One major mistake was: I brought the guests to their table when it hadn't been cleaned up yet. Ali told me that was the No. 1 Not-To-Do to customers because they would rather wait and chat with you than sit down at a nasty table. 

However, a great way to learn things is by making mistakes. I'm happy that I'm making mistakes now because I'm still young and don't have to face serious consequences. 

*I forgot what her name is when I was writing this post so I used 'hostess'. Sorry if it sounded very odd to you.

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