Wednesday, November 9, 2011


After I go off work, I decided to explore some nearby restaurants because I've heard so many good things about them since the very first day. I went to the Frozen Yogurt place first. I've walked pass by that place multiple times and it has always had a long line inside. Luckily, there wasn't one today. So I went in and got a small original frozen yogurt topped with strawberries. It was EXCELLENT! It was very healthy and tasty. I'm probably going to get one everyday since today. I really wished Toledo had this.

the one I had

inside of the yogurt place

I was sitting by the window. The owner of this doggie went in to get a cup of frozen yogurt however no pets were allowed to come into the store. So the poor thing was just sitting there and staring inside the whole time. How cute!

Today was a very beautiful day! It was sunny and about 60. Nice day to explore the town!

Next the the Frozen Yogurt place, there was a candy store called Sweetie. I always have fantasies about candy stores so that's why you're looking at this picture.

Nice Name! It's a Mexican restaurant and it said "If you don't eat here, Karma will come back to you" inside on the blackboard at the bottom.

So finally, I arrived at this Local Burgers restaurant. There were a lot of college girls there and I've always heard a lot about it so I decided to have my lunch there. I was pretty hungry when I got there so I ordered a large fries and chicken wings. However, when the food actually arrived on my table, I was totally shocked. The size of the fries was triple of the size of large fries in McDonald's and there were 10 wings in the basket. No wonder the waiter was so surprised when he knew I was by myself. 

Of course I didn't finish my whole meal. I packed half them home. They were definitely some of the best fries and wings I've ever had. I was fairly stuffed when I walked out of the restaurant. 

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