Monday, November 7, 2011

No power?! Seriously?!

Sunday, Oct. 30th, 2011

Two hours before my departure for Northampton, MA, my host mom Ronnie Rom sent Beth an email from her iPhone saying that they've been out of power since Saturday and wondered if I still decided to go there as planned. Without any hesitation, I said yes. First of all, I didn't want to pay another cancellation fee to change my flight since I've already done that once. Secondly, I've never experienced any real power breakdown in my entire life so I thought it could certainly be an adventure for me. 

My flight was 1:59 pm. Everything went extremely well, I even landed 20 min before it was scheduled. However, from what I saw on the plane, I could already feel the extreme coldness. 

What was I thinking?! I could never ever figure out what made I decided to fly here when Toledo was 67 degrees and sunny.

I forgot to tell you a little story here. When I was waiting in the line for the security check, a security lady in the uniform came to me and pulled me aside and said she needed to ask me some questions. I thought it was just a simple background check which I was very experienced in. She started by asking me my destination, how long would I stay there and what would I do while I'm there. She didn't understand how I could drop off school for three weeks and do all the things that I told her I will be doing. So I explained everything about Winterim to her and how the network program is working. Obviously, it was not anything that she would acknowledge. She asked me to give her my school website and looked everything up herself. It literally took me 45 min to finally prove myself not an aimless person just wandering around the country. 

When I was on the elevator to go downstairs to get my luggage, I heard somebody mumbled the name Kalina. I looked around and recognized my host mom Ronnie with my host sister Arcadia standing on the elevator of the opposite direction. That's basically how we met. 

They already figured out the place where my baggage was going to come out. We talked a lot while we were waiting. I could already tell that this family is very nice and warm. 

We drove through the downtown area and Smith College. The whole town was out of power and all the stores were closed. There were a number of cars driving around the area aimlessly. 

Lots of trees and cables are down. Made it hard for driving and walking.

All the flash lights were turned on and the candles were all lit up when we got home. The house was freezing because there was no heat. The family invited neighbor to come over for dinner since we didn't have any food left and they didn't have any gas to cook. We had a fairly big dinner because we had to get rid of mostly everything in the fridge and freezer. 

We gathered together by the candles in the dinning room. My host dad served us tomato soups, pizzas, steaks, chickens, etc. 

I used the flash light, that's why it looked so bright. But you could probably tell it was freezing because everybody had their coats on.

This picture looked like it was taken in a concentration camp... 

I was very concerned about going to bed. Because usually, I would need to turn on the heated blanket and put 3 layers on it within a house that has heat. However, that night turned out to be just fine. I slept under 8 blankets with two pajamas on. 

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