Monday, November 14, 2011

Open Mic at school

We (Ronnie and I) brought Jet (the doggie) to the camp for a retreat tonight. It was actually at someone's house but it was very unique. The family had a very big yard and pound so the dogs could run around freely. A lot of people sent their dogs there for this family to take care of on the weekends or during holidays when they had to go away for vacations or emergencies. We took Jet to the barn where there was a big living room and a number of individual bedrooms for each dog.

Hi Everybody :)

Snack bar: skittles, pretzels, etc.

The commons.

Then we headed to the school, which was a nearly an hour and half away. We arrived right on time. There were mostly high school students, a few eighth graders and about 12 parents. The Open Mic was held in the commons which is the dinning room. There was free pizza and snacks provided. 

It was basically the same style as the Coffee House we had at Maumee Valley. However, Open Mic was more about the band, or all about bands, accurately. The songs they played included Rock (heavy medal), Blues, country,folk, etc. I was amazed by how talented the kids were. One of the most impressive things was that nearly all students that performed could play more than 2 instruments. During the free play period, kids just walked on to the stage and picked up whatever was available and played along. It was truly amazing to watch!

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  1. Hello Kalina,
    I am enjoying your blog! I am thinking what a charming town you are living in with very kind, smart and capable people. How living in these small towns like Berkey, Toledo, Northhampton and Charlemont--you getting quite a strong sense of the American character!
    It seems you are really getting into the food/restaurant environment and considering different cuisines and the kind of ambiance that restauranteurs create in their business.
    I think this is great insight if you want to go into the hospitality field.

    It seems that Charlemont students are much like MV kids--friendly, interested in music and being together, enjoys school and they study.

    I like your stories about finding cash in your backpack and about walking home in the rain!
    Your insights are strong. Think about these things as you finish your blog...

    Keep in mind as you finish your blog and think about evaluating your experience--what stands out as memorable experiences that have caused you to grow up a bit? Have changed you a little bit with this experience? Were you in some situations that were awkward or times you handled problems or made things work?
    Did you have to adapt to something unexpected?
    How was living with another family and following their rules and expectations?
    How is Charlemont different from MV?

    Sabine and Charlemont has been so generous to MV and to you through Network!

    Cheers and I can't wait to talk with you in person.
    Mrs. Koelsch